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We are thrilled to announce that Giannis, Thanassis, Kostas and Alex Antetokounmpo through their flagship company ANTE INC., have joined forces with Hellenic Wineries a holding company which in 2022 acquired BOUTARI Wineries, one of the most iconic wine companies in Greece with more than 100 years of presence and recently IOLI natural mineral water. Antetokounmpo family will be acquiring equity c.10% of the holding company, driven by their deep interest for agriculture, their passion for exporting Greek products internationally and their desire to support the growth of the historical sector of winery.

Mr. Kostas Tsigkourakos, will be representing ANTE INC. and will be appointed as a Board of Director’s member of the of Hellenic Wineries.

Antetokounmpo's decision to invest in Hellenic Wineries, reflects their dedication to make a positive impact in their homeland, Greece. By supporting the growth of the wine and bottled water industry, they are ensuring the preservation of a traditional and culturally significant working field, that has been part of the Greek heritage for centuries.

The partnership between the Antetokounmpo family and Hellenic Wineries managed by Elias Georgiadis who has invested in Greece in the real estate sector by controlling the listed real estate company PREMIA Properties, holds the promise to transform the Greek wine and natural mineral water industry, combining the pursuit of quality with a global vision. Together, we aspire to showcase the exceptional products of Greece to wine enthusiasts around the world, opening paths for economic growth as well as cultural exchange.

Giannis Antetokounmpo made the following statement: “I am very pleased for this investment in Hellenic Wineries and our cooperation with Elias Georgiadis. Together we will successfully develop companies with a history that produce natural Greek products such as wine and natural mineral water.”

Elias Georgiadis, CEO of STERNER STENHUS (major shareholder of Hellenic Wineries) made the following statement: "We are happy to welcome Antetokounmpo family to Hellenic Wineries that market and manage BOUTARI wines and IOLI water. By joining forces, we further enhance our strategic plan for the international recognition of Greek products as is wine as well as the growth of wine tourism in our country.”

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