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NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo Becomes Stakeholder of Confectionary Brand, Candy Funhouse

Giannis & the Antetokounmpo family have become Stakeholders of Candy Funhouse.

The brothers will help expand this Canadian brand into the US and globally.

Using strategic marketing and branded content, the Antetokounmpo's will reach a global audience.

2-time NBA MVP and NBA Finals MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo has announced his equity partnership with Canadian content and confectionary brand, Candy Funhouse. The Milwaukee Bucks All-Star has joined as a shareholder of the brand, and will play a significant role in the ongoing expansion of the online candy company. This deal follows on the heels of Candy Funhouse launching their US website, giving American fans the opportunity to indulge in some of Giannis' favourite candy from around the world.

In a quote made by Candy Funhouse CEO, Jamal Hejazi, he states, "We are extremely excited and honored to have Giannis and the Antetokounmpo family, owners of Ante Inc. join the Candy Funhouse team as owners and collaborators." Hejazi continues, "At Candy Funhouse we strive to spread joy through memorable experiences, and with his example of hard work, and dedication to spread positivity, Giannis embodies exactly what the Candy Funhouse brand stands for. Which is why we could not be more thrilled to have the Antetokounmpo's represent our brand."

Having amassed a global following, Giannis and his brothers, Thanasis, Kostas & Alex will reach a global audience, with a key focus on media and content creation. The Greek Nigerian basketball star describes the invaluable role his family plays with this new deal. "Candy Funhouse made it very clear how much they value family, which is why this ownership deal is something that I'm very proud to share with mine. There is nothing more important than uplifting each other, and spreading positivity around the world, and there is no better way to do this than through the universal love of candy!"

About Candy Funhouse At the intersection of pop culture and candy is where you'll find Candy Funhouse, the largest online candy retailer that prides itself on creating meaningful experiences worth sharing! With thousands of products to choose from - including everything from retro classics to the latest TikTok trending candy - plus a huge celebrity following such as Drake, Chad Michael Murray, Jen Selter and more, Candy Funhouse's position in the marketplace centres around being a content driven organization, to bring the sweetest entertainment to life. Their innovative approach to the confectionary industry through content is driving demand amongst consumers and creating partnership opportunities from brands around the world. Learn more at

1 Comment

Congratulations on this first investment that, however, is not in line with the vision of Ante Inc. to "...ultimately have their greatest positive impact on the world."

As many scientific studies show, candy is not healthy for children and therefore the impact to the world in the long term will not be positive.

Ομως δεν πειράζει, αρχή είναι. Η επόμενες επενδύσεις θα είναι σίγουρα αποτελεσματικές διότι φάινεται ότι έχετε καλές προθέσεις.


"Excess intake of sweets (e.g., desserts, candy, and sweetened beverages) may lead to negative physical health outcomes [1,2] including overweight [3] and dental caries [4]. Candy in particular provides little nutritional value and is a contributor to children’s energy intake from added sugars, contributing approximately 5–9% of…

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